The Doug Gordon Torchlight Collection ( Black Friday Sale) - $259

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We have gone to our manufacturer and begged for a discount although reluctant they finally gave in. We all know constant light is the only way to light on location and nothing makes it easier than a Doug Gordon  Torch Light. With it you can light any situation. Use it for tungsten, daylight and fluorescent situations with complete and total ease. The light weighs less than 2lbs and the battery last almost five hours on full power.  So now receive the torch light and every educational product  available on how to use it.

This Set will include the following priceless DVD's and core decks

The Doug Gordon Torch Light $489
Doug Gordon presentsHow to use the Torch Light DVD $139
Doug Gordon presents How to Photograph The Groom Alone $139
Doug Gordon presents The Real Wedding Day $235
Only $439.00 Don't Miss Out
Over an 65% discount

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