Doug Gordon presents Kubota Viva La Vintage and Pow Wow

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Introducing 50 new Actions from Kubota Image Tools available either in two separate Action Paks called Viva La Vintage and Pow Wow! or together in this combo Pak Powered by our popular DASHBOARD™ (included). Each Pak will effectively boost your creative output and when used together will provide a well-rounded collection of tools reminiscent of the convenient inclusiveness found in our other Artistic Tools Paks.

VIVA LA VINTAGE contains 25 time-warping enhancements including: Bleachy Peachy, Hot Flashes, Nostalgia, Time Machine, Lens Flare, Image Grunge and many more.

POW WOW! contains 26 popping-fresh enhancements including: BW Museum, Pearly Shells, FunkTaFi, It's Just a Vibe I Get, Best Mango Ever, Kubota HiDef and many more.

This Combo Pak includes the Kubota DASHBOARD 3. The fastest, most intuitive way to enhance your images! Our exclusive DASHBOARD 3 is a floating palette within Photoshop and acts like a mini search engine for your Kubota image enhancement tools - guaranteed to be the fastest path from original image to finished art.