The Modern WeddingFebruary 26,2019 Newark,NJ

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Doug is back better than ever in his brand new hands on posing and lighting workshop. With that same great energy he is known for, the time is now for him to bring his passion up close to you. But even better, thanks to Nikon, Bay Photo and Adorama, it is affordable. As the photography industry continues to change rapidly, it takes someone with a real business, with real world skills to bring them first hand up close to you. Doug's brand is about consistency, and he does it best with his "Flow Posing" wedding photography. What better way to learn then up close and personal in this one of a kind workshop. During this workshop he will show how to seek out light in creative and unique ways, and capture the images you want to blow your clients away. Learn to pose your subjects with ease and efficiency. Acquire the tools to pose subjects of any size. Pose groups and couple shots with emotions and connections between subjects you have never seen before in your imagery. Master time saving tips to ease your life during and after the shoot. See every type of posing imaginable before your eyes and learn how to make the unimaginable into a reality. You will see the poses created before your eyes and the incredible finishing techniques Doug adds to them. Best of all Doug will detail his workflow and business practices that have allowed his studio to continuously grow for over 30 years.

This spectacular workshop will be held at

SpringHill Suites Newark Liberty International Airport
652 US Highway 1 and 9 South Newark, NJ 07114

Class Times are from 12-5 pm

This workshop is proudly sponsored by Nikon, Bay Photo and Adorama