Flow Posing:Fast and Furious Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers Book

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Creating flattering poses for portrait and wedding clients is key to success as a professional photographer, but it can be difficult to quickly move through a series of poses that results in flattering images and a wide variety of portrait looks. In this book, posing guru Doug Gordon (of Long Island, NY) distills his popular flow posing techniques to show readers how to establish a basic standing portrait pose that is perfectly suited to traditional/classic portrait looks, then fluidly progress through a series of minor posing adjustments, framing changes, and camera angles to build a cache of over fifty client-pleasing poses suitable for a wide range of clients and locations. Readers will learn how to slim clients, lengthen the body, elegantly pose hands, mask perceived imperfections, and make every client look and feel their best in front of the camera to deliver profit-building portraits in minimal time.