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This is the ultimate Doug Gordon collection for any wedding photographer. From taking pictures for the sexy bride to closing sales DVDs, this collection has it all. This will help any photographer hone their skill as well as learn many new techniques. Even advanced photographers will love this collection. It will help them keep their skills up-to-date. The collection includes all Doug Gordon DVD's and The Entire Digital Download of Doug's Core Decks
  • Doug Gordon Bride Alone Flow Posing DVD
  • Doug Gordon Bride and Groom Flow Posing DVD
  • Doug Gordon Bride and Groom Ground Posing DVD
  • Doug Gordon Torch Light DVD
  • Doug Gordon Posed Photojournalism DVD
  • Doug Gordon Sexy Bride DVD
  • Doug Gordon Creative Families DVD
  • Doug Gordon Bridal Party DVD
  • Doug Gordon Groom Alone Flow Posing 
  • Doug Gordon Plus Size Wedding DVD
  • Doug Gordon The Real Wedding Day DVD
  • Doug Gordon Maternity and Newborn Posing DVD
  • Doug GordonThe Closer Sales DVD