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Doug Gordon Professional Photography Torchlight


This is Doug’s best yet, A Unique Compact LED light that does it all. It can be an  Outdoor light, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light. This light does it all and weighs less then two pounds. This self container light comes with all the filters necessary to make it happen. That’s right, no battery needed– it’s all built in. E

The DG Torch Kit includes:

• (1) The Light
• (1) Power Cord / Charger
• (3) Gel Caps )Daylight, Tungsten and Fluorescent
• (3) Cap Straps
3 year warranty and the Torch Light DVD


BATTERY LIFE: Roughly 3  Hours (full power)
BATTERIES: 5VDC Internal Lithium polymer, replaceable
DIMMABLE: No color shift while dialing
POWER SUPPLY: Input 100-240v / 50-60hz Lithium Ion 7.4v
BATTERY CHARGE TIME: Roughly 1 hour, Built-in unit charges through external port

MOUNT: ¼-20” thread (both ends)
DIMENSIONS: 4.1x 2.43 x2.5 
WEIGHT: .57 lbs (260 g)